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That’s what we assume when we evaluate your car online:

  • Car chassis is not damage.

  • No major accident.

  • Car has never been written off by agency or insurance.

  • It is not a public car.

  • Car in average condition.

  • The online valuation is just an estimation not an offer.

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Sell Used Cars to Trusted Car Buyers

We are a premium car buyers company in Dubai, who believe the process of selling your car must be as pleasurable as when you bought it. After all, you have so many sweet memories associated with it.

Now, while there are plenty car buyers the UAE has to offer, we can proudly say we are the most trusted car buyers

If you are looking for the best used car buyers that UAE has to offer, look no further. We know how important it is for you to seamlessly sell your precious car, and also to get its money’s worth.

The important thing for you to bear in mind here is that we are not merely here to make a transaction. No, we want to assist you in that process of selling your car. Here’s a look at what we have in store for you, when you come to us to have your car sold.

The Things We Pride Ourselves on

  • All You Need is to have a Car to Sell

    It’s really as simple as that. There might be other car buyers in the UAE who might have said no to you on account of your car not exactly being in the best condition, but that’s where we stand apart. We promise to buy your car, no matter what the condition. That being said, we will never undervalue your car simply because it doesn’t look in top-notch condition.

  • We Will Not Dilly-Dally with You

    The last thing you wish is to get into a process of haggling with someone where it comes to selling your car. In this respect, too, you will find that we are different. We promise to buy your car quickly. Mind you, this does not mean that we will not be thorough in the evaluation process. All you have to do is simply fill out an online evaluation form that will only take a couple of minutes, and then wait for your appointment call. When it comes, simply get your car and walk away with the cash we pay you for it.

  • We Pride Ourselves on Being Extremely Fair

    We’ve already touched upon the fact that we will offer you the best price for your car even if it’s in shoddy condition, right? Well, even people who are bringing in cars in near pristine condition might feel that they are not getting the right price for their vehicle, moreover because they should be getting quite a bit of money for their cars that are in near top-notch condition. That’s where you will find that you have done the exact right thing by coming to us. The last thing we will do is to pay you even one Dirham less than what your car is really worth.

  • We do not Resort to Overtly Aggressive Marketing Tactics

    When we have said that we will give you the best possible price for your vehicle, we mean it. That being said, we will not be overtly aggressive where it comes to trying to buy your car from you. We will simply give you the best possible price and you in turn can decide whether you wish to sell it to us or not. That’s because we don’t believe in bargaining. We know what a car is worth and will not take a penny more (or less, for that matter) from you.

You will see that the process of selling your car is really not all that complicated as you might have imagined. We’ve already seen that it takes only a couple of minutes to fill that online evaluation form, right? Thereafter, the process of documentation is a breeze as well. All you need is your government issued ID and your registration card. In case you have a service history book or perhaps even receipts of your former repairs and maintenance, that might help as well.

We mentioned earlier that we will buy any car, right? Please note that this applies even in the case of your car still being financed by a bank. Of course, the inspection of your car is completely free of charge and then you can decide if you wish to go ahead with the price we offer. It really cannot get any simpler than that.

It is important to go to a reputable company where it comes to selling your car. That being said, we know that we are not the only option out there and value the fact that you have come to our website to know more about us. The thing you need to know here, is that our experience has made us familiar with all the factors that one would need to know about an individual car assessment, and all the pertinent details like optical state of paint and interior, as well as the technical condition and service and care history, will be recorded and reviewed with the utmost attention to detail.

Of course, that applies to the first estimate that you will receive from our online evaluation process as well. After all, this is the pivotal first step and we are well equipped to assess your car with a sense of élan. There are some used car buyers that are better equipped where it comes to giving estimates only for certain brands of cars, but we will always give you a good evaluation no matter what the brand of your car might be.

All being said, we promise to give you the most professional experience where it comes to the process of selling your car. We keep you in mind as an individual and treat your car differently from any other car we have bought in the past. Looking forward to serving you soon.