How to Sell Your Bank-Financed Vehicle Through a Company


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It's simple enough to buy a car, but have you ever thought about what it would be like to sell bank-financed cars? Many people don't know how to get a good value when selling cars, and many don't even realize that they can sell a car with a mortgage on it. Since 2001, Car Sell Zone has helped customers in Dubai sell their vehicles with a pending bank loan. We offer free evaluations, fair rates, and paperwork assistance every step of the way and will help you pay off loans on your bank-financed vehicle.


Why Come to us?

The automobile industry is massive, and the used car business makes up a large percentage of it. The used car market is estimated to be valued at over 1.3 billion USD globally, showing no shortage of used car companies. So why choose Car Sell Zone over other businesses? There are several reasons we are the ultimate service for selling your car:

We aren't interested in haggling or giving you a hard time to get the lowest possible price from you. We are only interested in providing fair rates and paying you promptly. If you have a bank-financed car with outstanding loan payments, we can help take care of that.


Process To Follow to Sell Your Bank Financed Car

Car loan debt is no laughing matter. Globally, this debt has escalated to over 1 trillion USD. Many people believe they are stuck with their cars after taking out loans. However, this is not true. With Car Sell Zone, you can sell a car that is bank-financed even if you have not finished paying off your loans. Here's how it works:

  1. Visit your bank to discover your remaining loan amount and any early settlement fees associated with closing the loan before its full tenure.
  2. Sign a "Power of Attorney" or "Seller's Agreement" (preferred) to give us the power to transfer the car after the loan is cleared.
  3. Our representatives will meet you at the bank with the money (cash preferred) to pay off the loan.
  4. If the car's price is less than the loan, we deduct this price from the loan and give you the rest. If the loan amount is more than the offered price, you pay the difference.
  5. You can leave the car with us. We will go to the RTA once the bank electronically informs us that the car is no longer under mortgage (typically takes a few days).

If this process sounds complicated or risky to you, that's because it is. At, we will hold your hand every step of the way to ensure you are getting an honest exchange. Be safe when selling any car.