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Sell Used Cars in Dubai

The reasons to sell a used car are endless. Perhaps a newer car caught your eye, and now you need the extra cash from selling your old used car. Or maybe you finally got yourself a new bike to cycle more. No matter what reason may be, there is something that may stop you. 

It isn't easy to find the quickest way to sell a used car. And selling used cars in Dubai can be nerve wrenching if you don’t know what you are doing. Especially since there are so many ways, you can sell it. 

We are going to give you some tips to sell your used car in Dubai. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to sell your car.

The Quickest Way to Sell a Used Car

As mentioned, there are few ways of selling your used car. You can either sell it to used car buyers or even sell it. Now, no matter which way you decide to sell your used car, here are two things you should do before getting started. 

To start, get it professionally cleaned and polished to make it look nice. A clean car will catch the eye of a potential buyer a lot quicker. Second, make sure you have no outstanding fines or loans. If you do, you cannot sell your car, and you will waste the buyer’s time and yours.

There are two ways to sell used cars quickly. Let’s have a look!

Privately Selling It

There are sites where you can sell your car by simply uploading a picture of it and setting a price. Many popular websites allow you to search your own model and see what the price average is. Keep in mind that thousands of other people are selling used cars and perhaps hundreds selling your own model car. 

It can either be a quick process or take time to sell it that way. That is why you can pay for special ad placements on these sites. Remember that when you make the sale, both you and the buyer must visit the licensing department, so make sure that you have everything you need before going there.

This is one viable way of selling your used car quickly. But if you don’t want to worry about setting up an account on these websites, meeting with the buyer, and getting your paperwork sorted out, there is another quick way that avoids all of that.

Used Car Buyers 

This is the quickest and probably the best way of selling your car. It is a guarantee that you will not be coming home with your used car if you go to one of these dealerships. 

That is why some used car buyers to offer online evaluation. They have thought of the real quickest way to sell a used car. Providing fair deals and taking care of all the paperwork for you.

Don't Hesitate

Start cleaning up your car and let us do the rest. The sooner you get started, the faster you'll be finding the quickest way to sell a car — your car.

Reach out to us! Use our free car evaluation tool on our website and contact us today for more information you may need.


Frequently Asked Question:

Q. What are the aspects of the vehicle that you will inspect?

A. Apart from the exterior and interior's general condition, our team will test the brakes, the exhaust, lights, and a few other minor components. The last price of the car will depend on the condition of these aspects. We will also look at the servicing history of the vehicle.

Q. I bought the car second-hand. Will it reduce the price?

A. No. The number of owners of the vehicle had will not affect the price at all. It is only the brand, the model, year of make, and the car's current condition that will decide its price.

Q. Does the mileage of the vehicle affect its price?

A. Yes. The mileage of a vehicle also affects the number of services it requires. So, the last price our team will provide you with will be inclusive of the mileage factor.

Q. Do I have to wait till you have found a buyer for my car?

A. No! You sell your car to CarSellZone and not to an individual. We will purchase the car from you and pay you the best valuation for it right away. Finding an individual buyer for the car is a process you do not need to worry about.



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