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Please Read Our Terms & Conditions

Online Valuation

The online valuation price is simply a guide that estimates the assumed price of the car based on the information. The price is subject to change. Our expert-on-site will provide you with an official offer on your car after inspection.

On-Site Inspection

Our experts are experienced and well trained in evaluating your car's condition, so you spend the least amount of time, possibly waiting for your car’s assessment. We ensure that our offer given upon inspection is the fairest according to the car's features, history, and condition, and the current market price. Our online valuation offers an estimation of the price of the car based on the facts given. Although we try our best to make an offer, we are not obliged to make you an offer if your car is not running or has excessive damage.

What We Will Do

We guarantee a car evaluation that is proficient and timely at both the customer's and the company’s convenience. We will offer you a professional and reliable service, taking care of every aspect of selling your car.

Our online valuating service estimates your car's price, and if you are happy with the estimation, you can arrange an appointment right away.

Upon inspection, we will test your car and offer you a price that we have decided upon based on the evaluation. If you agree, all you have to do is a sign, and we’ll take care of your car registration and car ownership. It’s that easy. We can pay you in cash on the spot or choose your preferred method of payment.

Making an Offer

Following an inspection of the car, our on-site-expert will make you an offer. If you wish to take some time to think about it, the offer will stand for the duration of the day.

However, because cars' market price is constantly changing, there are no guarantees that the offered price will remain the same after the day of evaluation. If you choose to accept our offer following the day of your evaluation, we may be obliged to re-evaluate your car. The offer may fluctuate because of market price changes or changes in your car's condition, which would cause a different offer than the originally given offer.

We will test your car and make you an offer based on our professional evaluation. If you agree, all you have to do is a sign. We take care of all aspects, from car registration to car ownership transfer. Payment will be made in cash instantly or by your preferred method of payment.

Purchase Contract

If you agree with our valuation, then you sign the contract provided at the point of offer. The contract comprises these terms and conditions only. If you do are not comfortable with the price offered, you are free to decline the offer.

Once you have signed the contract, you may not change your mind because it is a legally binding agreement of sale. They do not permit us to change our minds about the price once we have quoted an expert valuation. However, we may withdraw any made offer if it becomes apparent that additional faults with the car went unnoticed at the evaluation stage.

If we discover that information has been purposefully held back from us, we maintain the right to withdraw the offer.


You may choose which method of payment is most suitable for you. Our standard payment method is instant cash payment, but we can also provide cheque payment and bank transfer direct to the owner's bank account, which may take up to 2 working days after the day of the sale to arrive in your bank account. We hold no responsibility for delayed payments because of bank error or in the event of administrative error.

Privacy Policy

One of our top priorities is to ensure that we protect the information you provide us with. We will ask you to provide some information that it can identify we will only use your information under this privacy statement on our website.

Feedback and Complaints

If you have any queries, feedback, or comments, these can be sent by emailing us at