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Car Sell Zone - Dubai Car Buyer Online

Car Sell Zone has been operational in the UAE since 2001. We have become specialists in buying used cars. Since we have established Car Sell Zone, we have strived to provide the best services and fair deals regarding evaluating your car’s value.

The number of cars we buy is immense, and this experience and knowledge have led our team of experts to gain expertise on the prices of each car they test. Our aim is to provide the best customer service to car sellers in UAE.

Knitted with honesty

Honesty is an integral value in our system. Depending on the model you are selling, we will weigh it against the prevalent prices in the market and cut the best deal for you. Because of the respect, we hold for you and all of our customers–we aim to eliminate all the haggling and the hassles associated with selling your car.

No Mediator!

Considering the hassles, you may have faced in the past. We try utmost that you can easily find us. All you need to do is go on to our website and give us your car's details. We’ll make you an instant offer, and they would ask you to come for an inspection. Once you have completed a deal with us, we will manage all the documentation, and you will get cash in your hand within 30 minutes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best possible experience to the customers in Dubai. We are the most experienced company and we want to become one of the leading companies operating in this industry.

Our Mission

The service that we deliver makes sure that you sell your car more swiftly and transparently. Saving you from the hassle of dealing with newbies.

Our Values

  • Fun–To remove all the headaches, problems, and hassle from the procedure and give you a joyous experience.
  • Brand–While keeping customers' ease and comfort in our minds, we keep our brand high by following our core values.