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With all the variables that determine your car’s worth, it’s hard to know if you’re getting a fair offer. But our free car valuation calculator applies all those factors and crunches the numbers for you! Just provide us the make, model, and year to get an estimate of your vehicle's worth.

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Stop by one of our conveniently located branches so one of our expert inspectors can examine the overall condition of your vehicle and offer you the most competitive price. To sell a car in Dubai all you need to do is show up with your car, registration card, drivers license, and Emirates ID, to walk away with cash in hand. And if you decide you aren't ready to part with your car, no problem! No commitment required!

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We pay cash as soon as we sign the sales contract with you.You can sell a car for cash with us in 30 minutes.Not only does our certified RTA contract allow us to buy cars, and we can help settle your mortgage with your bank or finance company, as well as any RTA traffic fines. We take care of any RTA transfer fees so you can expect a hassle-free experience with Car Sell Zone.

Get your cash in 30 minutes


So you want to sell a car?

Car Sell Zone wants to give you cash for your car! And the best part is, you can sell a car, and it only takes 30 minutes. Skip the lengthy process of advertising your vehicle, scheduling viewings and test drives, and dealing with intense negotiations. We guarantee same-day cash payouts for any make and model, in any condition. As certified RTA dealers, we take care of the registration and transfer paperwork as well. All you have to do is hand us over your keys and walk away with cash in hand. We pride ourselves on our reliability and transparency. Stop by our conveniently located UAE branch for a free inspection and receive a cash offer.


Problems You May Face When You Are Selling a Car

The process of selling a car isn't always a smooth one. The most common issues sellers come across while selling used cars.

RTA Registration Test

For you to sell your car, you need to pass it through the RTA Registration test. If the vehicle fails the RTA test, you can’t transfer your car ownership to the buyer. RTA test failure is due to varying factors. Issues range from white smoke from the engine to minor problems, such as a broken indicator lamp, oil leaks, etc. However, many factors can lead to RTA test failure.

Here are some of the more common issues that lead to a negative RTA registration safety test.

• Worn-out tires or tires older than five years
• Broken front bushes
• The front headlight or any other lights that  are not functioning
• Engine or gearbox oil leak
• Worn out suspensions
• Failing or loose front and rear brake

You can’t sell your car if it fails the RTA registration test. But, if all problems are resolved, the vehicle will pass the retest and it can easily be transferred to the new owner.

If you are still selling a car as it is, we can buy the car at a fair price, and we'll also take care of any repairs, passing, and the transfer of a vehicle to a new owner.


Mechanical and Electrical Complications

Exhibiting a vehicle with performance issues usually results in a lost deal. Most people are not willing to buy a car with complications. Buyers get fearful, making them lose confidence in purchasing the vehicle even if it’s advertised for sale at meagre competitive prices.

To guarantee a sale, ensure the vehicle is in top condition without any mechanical or electrical faults.

Our experts are well trained to identify any vehicle complications and offer you a reasonable price for the car regardless of the condition.


Paid Classified Adverts

Advertising a car on most platforms can be costly. Especially in Dubai, you don’t have many free advertisements options available. The problem is one ends up paying a lot of money without even selling the car.

However, free classified websites or Facebook ads are handy tools for free advertisements. Typically, they don’t generate much buyer interest, so you may have to be patient before you get a potential buyer.

To avoid paying for advertisements and waiting for a potential buyer, bring your car to us as we at Carsellzone guarantee to buy any car within 30 minutes.


Indecisive Potential Buyers

Selling your car can become quite hectic, especially when dealing with time-wasting buyers. Although it's common for a buyer to test drive the vehicle, or in some cases, the buyer will ask a seller to send the car to their mechanic for a technical check.

However, remember that most people prefer to window shop and not everyone is looking to buy.

It is common for a buyer to take their time when test driving a car. Some invite their friends and family to check out the vehicle. When selling a vehicle, expect a lot of phone calls and appointments that don’t materialize into a sale.

As a seller, you must be prepared to face such buyers. First, you need to double-check if the buyer is seriously interested in buying your car to avoid such situations.

Ensure the buyer is comfortable with your price range before proceeding to test drive the vehicle. Finally, if the buyer agrees to purchase the vehicle. Ask for a down payment of 5% on the total sale price as a guarantee for the sale. If the buyer hesitates, especially on down payment. You should move to the next potential buyer to avoid wasting time.

If you don't wish to experience a time-wasting scenario, Car Sell Zone will be valuable to you. Sell us your car, and you will be able to sell the car within 30 minutes.


Bank Mortgage Financing

Selling your car while it’s still under a bank mortgage is highly difficult. Most buyers are wary about such sales and will turn down the Deal offer; they are aware that the total outstanding mortgage should be fully paid before ownership can be transferred to the new buyer.

Unless it’s a company, most buyers will not pay off the outstanding mortgage. Such risks are heavily avoided, which is why you should clear off your mortgage before you start advertising the car.

If your financial situation does not allow you to pay off the mortgage, the chances of selling the vehicle are meager.

However, we purchase vehicles that are still under bank mortgage, consequently settling the loan for you.


Car sale Price

Asking for the right price is one of the critical parts of the vehicle sale. Some sellers ask for prices that are way too high, and they end up with no deals. Others ask for low prices and end up losing getting maximum value for the vehicle.

Conduct some research before advertising your car. Pay attention to similar car trims and mileage to estimate your vehicle’s value.

Although the estimation values can be deceiving, you may get the idea from a bunch of dream sellers asking for high prices, which allows you to miss a clear opportunity to sell the car.

However, platforms like Car Sell Zone are better than guessing the value of your vehicle. Our free online vehicle valuation calculators can give you an average estimate value for your vehicle.


Poor Market

Sometimes you can do everything right, but still, no one is interested in purchasing your car. It could be a bit old, or the model is not very common. It can also be the color of the vehicle.

There are so many reasons why that can be, but you did try at the end of the day. Before posting your vehicle, conduct market research to ensure buyers are looking for similar vehicles.

If you had already posted the vehicle and there is no feedback. Not much can be done, you have to be patient if you are to find the right buyer.

If you don't want to go through this hectic time-consuming process you can bring your car to us as we buy all make and model in any condition.


Traffic Fines and vehicle impound

In UAE, some traffic fines are not payable online. You have to visit the RTA head office to pay fines. As per UAE law, you must clear all fines and penalties on the car first before selling your vehicle or transferring it to a new owner.

The UAE traffic laws impose severe penalties for violations that endanger the lives of motorists and cause traffic disruptions. A vehicle can be impounded if you have been involved in a serious traffic offense such as running a red light, driving under the influence of alcohol, or hit and run.

The vehicle needs to be impounded till you get a release of impoundment or impoundment weaver.

If your car is locked in the RTA system because of a fine, you cannot sell the vehicle until the fine is paid. So before advertising your vehicle for sale, make sure you paid off all your fines and have released the car from impound.

At Car Sell Zone, we can pay your traffic fines if you don't want to pay out of your pocket and we can deduct that amount from the offered amount.


Avoid Payment Scams

To avoid falling for a scam, ensure that you are fully paid before transferring the vehicle’s ownership. Remember, once you sign the transfer paperwork at the RTA office, you no longer own the car.

If you transfer ownership before payment, it becomes difficult to prove that you are the legitimate owner of the vehicle.

The buyer can claim that they had already made advance payments, which is why you agreed to transfer ownership. To counter this, before signing the transfer, make sure you get the full amount for your car.

If the buyer proposes to pay through bank transfer or bank cheque, visit a bank in advance and cash out the cheque before proceeding to the RTA office. But best practice is to completely avoid cheques and get cash at RTA premises before final paperwork. 

For bank transfers, the money has to be deposited into your account before proceeding with the transfer. If the buyer presents a cheque of bank transfer options while at the RTA office, you need to call off the transfer until you have the money.


Here’s what we factor in giving you the best market price:


Condition of your car

Are you trying to find a buyer for your car? We will buy any car in any condition. The condition of the car is the most important factor when we evaluate your car. The better the condition your vehicle is in, the higher the market price will be. General wear and tear, including minor scratches and dents, can reduce the value, but we guarantee the best price for your vehicle.


Responsible Car Owners Tend to Get More for Their Car

Proof that your car has been regularly serviced and cared for increases the value of your vehicle. Sell your car with us, knowing we will value your vehicle at the cost it deserves.


Has Your Car Been Loved By Many?

As a general rule of thumb, the more times the car has changed hands, the more the value is reduced. But at CarSellZone, we guarantee to buy your vehicle and provide a thorough car valuation.


Souped Up or Stock?

Most buyers prefer unmodified cars. Modified cars can increase the cost of insurance, ultimately decreasing the value of the vehicle. Sell your used car with Car Sell Zone to make sure no matter the modification, we’ll calculate its value at the best possible price - the same day.


What Kind of Adventures Has Your Car Seen?

Your car's total mileage says a lot about the status of the engine, wheels, axis, and overall condition. A higher mileage reduces the value of your vehicle, while fewer miles may mean a higher value.


All The Bells & Whistles

Getting a car valuation when your car has additional features like modern infotainment systems, built-in satellite navigation, rear parking camera, and dashcam will usually attract a higher price tag. To sell your car online can be challenging, but CarSellZone can provide the support and thorough evaluation to help you get a deal, cash in hand, and all the documentation you need.


Each & Every Color

Some colors are more sought after than others and can increase the value of your car. However, the color will not reduce its value, and it’s not recommended you repaint your auto to sell it.



Cars with GCC specs fetch more price than those with non GCC specs. Non GCC spec cars don't have a service history as they are mostly salvaged and have been in a serious accident.

I visited Car sell zone, and i got very good customer service. Fast and friendly attitude Mr. Ahmed(Puchase Manager). I recomeded for sell your car here.

It's Really The best place you can go to if you want to buy a used car or even if you plan on selling your car. Ask for Omar and he will guide you through everything smoothly. Keep up the good work guys.

Sold my ford figo here it was fast and easy, got paid in cash on the spot hassle free , I didnt even go to rta they finished all paperwork within 15 min very nice.

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