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Sell My Car in Dubai

There is a score of reasons one may want to sell their used vehicle. You are maybe moving out of the country, or you have upgraded your car, or you may need money; either way, the only thought in your head is ‘how to sell my car?’ The process usually entails a lot of hassles by the seller, and there is, of course, the risk of being ripped off. However, if you are still thinking ‘how to sell my car in Dubai’, good news for you, we can do it absolutely hassle-free and provide you with a fair price as well. Let us see how this works.

Finding Out The Price

One of the primary hassles in selling a car is finding out the actual value of the vehicle. The 2nd hand car industry prices are quite volatile and can change within brief periods of time. Therefore, it becomes important that you find out the actual price of your vehicle before selling it. Of course, there are several used car buyers in Dubai, and they will all make you various pitches when you try to sell your car. This can easily leave you confused about your vehicle's actual price, and therefore you may end up selling it at a lower price than the actual value of the car.

We provide a straightforward solution to this process. We have installed an online car valuation calculator on our website, and you can use it free. You need to enter certain information about your vehicle in the calculator, such as the age of the car, make, and model, and we will provide you with an approximate value of your car. Of course, the car's condition will heavily affect its pricing, and therefore the last price can only be decided upon inspection. However, equipped with the actual price knowledge, you now have a better chance at bargaining a getting a better deal while selling your car.

The Process

If finding out the price is difficult, then selling the car makes it one of the toughest jobs. Constant visits to the agent’s office, delayed inspection dates, etc., are quite common when selling their car in Dubai. And there is also the job of processing the paperwork regarding the sales with a proper lawyer. Few car buyers can ensure that this process takes place with no hassle.

However, we not only promise hassle-free car buying services but can also ensure that the entire process takes no longer than half an hour and you walk away as a cheerful man with the money. How to make this happen? Well, because you have already used our online car valuation calculator to find out the tentative price of your vehicle, you now need to book a meeting with one agent, and we can do this via our website. Find out the nearest centre in your neighbourhood and book a meeting at your convenient time. On the day of the meeting, head over to our office and carry all the paperwork regarding the vehicle, especially the Mulkiya.

Once you have submitted the paperwork, we will arrange for an inspection of the vehicle, and this process will also be absolutely free of cost. After our professionals have inspected, we will quote you a price for your vehicle depending on its actual value and condition, and we promise to quote fair prices. If you agree to the price, then we can draw up a charter of sales and allow you to hand over the vehicle to us. You can take your payment in cash which would be handed over to you on the spot, or in case you want it to be processed to your bank account, it can take up to two working days for the money to be transferred. And hence, you can sell your car in Dubai with no hassle and receive a fair price.

Things To Know

While we at Car Sell Zone try to make the entire process absolutely hassle-free for you, there can always be complications. So here are a few things you should keep in mind regarding this entire process.

  • We transfer the money only after you have signed the sales paperwork. If you delay after an inspection in signing the paperwork, it will also delay the payment.

  • If there is a delay between the day of the inspection and sales, we may choose to re-inspect the vehicle, and the price may also change upon re-inspection.

  • If you have gotten the vehicle serviced in recent times, we suggest that you provide us with the paperwork for it. This will help us decide on a better price for the vehicle. For example, if you have the entire carpeting changed recently, we will pay you a slightly higher price than the usual if you can provide the paperwork.

  • We buy all cars in all conditions so even if your vehicle is not functional, we can purchase it and price it accordingly.

  • We purchase vehicles with mortgages running on them and can also help in clearing out the mortgage. However, this will require all the mortgage papers.

  • Since our sales process is absolutely legal, we can not buy a car that does not have the paperwork and Mulkiya.

  • In case the car is not registered to your name, the sale is still possible, but with an authorization letter from the owner and their registration paperwork.

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