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What do I have to take into account if I want to sell my vehicle?

Do you know what the process of selling a vehicle demands in time, paperwork and money expenses?, we explain the main things and why we make it easier for you

If you have a used car that you don't need in your garage, you could benefit greatly by selling it before it completely loses its value, but many people don't sell them because this can be a headache.

Many people in the UAE postpone the used vehicle sell for all the time and money that must be invested to find a potential buyer and sell it, of course, it is because the entire process this demands including and mainly complying with regulations and laws to be able to sell it, but we make it much easier for you and we buy it very quickly, we assume the entire process before the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) and we remove that burden so that you can quickly turn your used car into cash and can invest it in another car that you want to buy or just free up that unproductively occupied space in your garage that continues to generate more expenses for you.

Let's see the main points

What do you need to know, do and fulfill?

It is a reality, the sale of a automobile requires a lot of time and also spending money in the process (carrying out procedures, mobilizing the vehicle, cleaning, mechanics, tuning, etc.), but we are going to mention some reasons why many people evade selling a car and leaving it in their garages going down in value.

The Laws in force in UAE

One of the first obstacles people face is regulations and the most common is the traffic laws in the UAE which determines that you cannot sell a car with any fine imposed by the RTA and we know that fines can happen in a moment of carelessness, that happens to all of us.

The other very common and important point is that you cannot transfer the title to the vehicle while there is a pending loan, such as a bank loan to buy the car.

The process in the RTA

The RTA system must be updated in any type of sale so that it is legal and in the case of a loan or a fine is active, this cannot be done because it will not be considered valid until everything is paying off completely

Before doing any type of commercial advertising to sell the vehicle, it is highly recommended to verify with the RTA to resolve any problem that may exist and to be able to be resolved before proceeding to advertise it.

The seller of the vehicle is the one who must ensure that the RTA is updated and the RTA will notify the seller when they have verified the information and updated the system, informing that the vehicle is considered free; this authorization is generally issued around 48 hours via text message.

Important: Vehicle ownership cannot be transferred without authorization from the RTA

Car insurance and its transfer

The other point to take into account refers to the transfer of car insurance and the eligibility criteria established by the insurance company for its transfer, this is important to take into account because not all insurance providers offer the possibility of transferring the insurance policy to the buyer of the used vehicle and this is something that should be verified if it is not known.

Many insurance companies in their policies allow its transfer when the policy has more than 7 months left (remember that there are criteria and you should to consult them), but you can also choose to obtain a refund by canceling the insurance when a sale is presented to another owner, so the insurance company will ask for documentation.

In any case, it is important that you consult with your policy company so that it can provide you with information about it in the event that you want to sell it to someone else.

Find the best sale price

Finding out what is the correct price of the car to sell it is something that can be quite problematic when you are not an expert in the area, evaluating the mechanical condition and general condition of the vehicle is something that not many know how to do, in addition to knowing what it is the price of the model and the brand at the current moment in the market is something in which you also have to invest time and then cross the information with the general condition to be able to establish the sales price, this is a process that can take even weeks not counting the time it takes to find a buyer.

What we offer you: Simplification, ease and tranquility

We can simplify everything that we mentioned before must be taken into account in the sales process and that in general they become a big headache, a lot of time and money invested and in a very short time, thanks to our team of specialists and experts and our extensive trajectory, we do it in an easy and fast way and you will be calm, that is why we can say that we bought the vehicle, if you need an arrangement we will do it and then we sell it, you will not need to invest time and money that in many cases will only generate more lost

If you are interested in selling your car and get money quickly with a fair offer, contact us