Beware of fines before selling your used car

03 December 2021

Fines for driving a car can arise for different reasons, the most common are carelessness or ignorance or perhaps thinking that "nothing will happen if it is only for a moment", but they can happen and in some cases for situations that we think would not be a problem, but they can cause you a fine because they are not in compliance with the regulations and you cannot sell a car under the authorization of the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) if it has a fine.

Let's see some cases that might seem not very important but that you should know and pay attention

Place a sign, sticker, or "for sale" advertisement on the car

Ministerial Resolution No. 178 in Item 67 expressly prohibits placing any type of notice on the car without obtaining permission to do so through the RTA.

This can be common in other countries and people can put up a “for sale” notice, paint it with some spray or paint on a vehicle’s window, but in Dubai, this is prohibited by current regulations and the vehicle can be impounded by the authorities.

Throwing waste from vehicle

You should not throw tissues, packaging, or any garbage, this causes an environmental violation as indicated in Item 71 (“Environment Violations”) of ministerial resolution No. 177 of 2017

Public car wash

When someone wants to sell a car, the first thing they think is to have it very presentable, and washing the car is the following step, but this is something quite serious to pay attention to, because it can cause a fine for two reasons, the first one of them has to do with the presentation of the city, this is because the Dubai authorities spend a lot of money to keep the city clean and beautiful and it is constantly something that is officially remembered

“to avoid negative practices such as throwing waste through vehicle windows or spitting and throwing chewing gum and cigarette butts in public places or washing vehicles in the streets.”

Official Source: Dubai Municipality cleaners ensure 24/7 city sustainability

There are strict rules for washing cars in public places and in addition, there are designated areas for washing vehicles and all city residents must adhere to this not only for law enforcement but also because the municipality expects every resident and citizen to contribute to what the city tries so hard.

The other reason, it is not only for aesthetics and presentation, but it is also a much stronger reason, environment protection, both due to the waste of water and the use of detergents that can affect the environment, therefore, it is best to always have awareness and being a good citizen by saving water, being responsible for washing the car in authorized places that have the controls required by the municipality authorities in the use of water and detergents.

Keep in mind that you cannot wash your car at the entrance to your house, building, or residential complex, nor can you do it in a paid parking lot, and this is an infraction that causes a fine

Driving or parking dirty cars

It is no mystery, cars can get dirty with dust and it is very common in Dubai and the UAE, but the authorities of Dubai don't like that you drive extremely dirty cars because you are driving in an exemplary city and if you are careless in cleaning your car, you can receive a fine for it and your car be impounded, it is best to clean your car of dust excess (inside your garage or of course) using a dry or damp cloth and wash it at a designated and authorized cleaning service keeping your car presentable

From CarSellZone we recommend you to know and properly follow the laws and regulations of the RTA as well as the environmental ones to keep our city clean and well presented, in addition to this, you will avoid any fine or vehicle confiscation by authorities.

We will recommend to you to check the list of offenses and traffic violations on the official website of the UAE government

Official Source: UAE Traffic Law >> Ministerial resolution No. 177 of 2017

And also, you can find the list of violations and offenses in the official PDF

Official Source: Official List of traffic offenses and violations in Dubai

If you want to sell your used car and for some reason, you have a fine that has not been resolved yet, don't worry, we will solve it, you will sell us your used vehicle, you will get cash very quickly and we will take care of it, just call us, and one of the experts will guide you