Frequently Asked Questions

The first step will always be to determine the valuation of your automobile with our free valuation calculator, after that, you will book your appointment to bring your vehicle to our branch for an in-person inspection, and then, if you decide to sell it us, we will go through the legal process and ´paperwork quickly to buy it from you

Simple! Fill out the valuation calculator and get an instant and up to date market price valuation, if you want a second opinion, no problem!, we guarantee the most accurate estimate for your car and encourage you to check out our competitor’s valuation calculators, so you can feel confident with us is giving you the best possible price.

Yes!, we buy any car in any condition, and that means running or not, just contact our helpline number, answer a few questions and we will give you a fair value for your dysfunctional vehicle.

Yes, we have a hassle-free bank loan repayment option!, we are RTA certified, so you can be sure that the sale transaction is processed effectively, reliably and safely.

When we say any, it means any, if you have a Cadillac El Dorado, Jaguar E-Type, Pontiac or any other, we buy it, but, here is important to mention that this might be the only time that we don't promise to buy it in 30 minutes, vintage vehicles are great, but they are a niche market and it can take a long time and a different process, but as long as you are patient, we guarantee the best price for your vintage beauty.

You don't need maintenance or expensive cosmetic work, just bring your Emirates ID cards and be sure to remove your personal belongings before handing over your keys!

Sure!, all we need is a letter of authorization from whoever is registering the vehicle, along with the Emirates ID cards of both parties.

We suggest using other online valuation calculators for comparison, of course, keep in mind that the valuation result depends on a number of different factors that an online tool doesn't take into account, if well it is a good approximation, it is not something "definitive", but an expert can make a direct inspection and provide better valuation; you can bring it up and we value it without any commitment.

If for some reason you can’t book an appointment online, you can call us to our help line or come down to the branch and speak with one of our executives in person, don't worry, you are always welcome

Absolutely nothing!, we handle all RTA transactions and procedures!, you are free from any process and problem

All paperwork is legally binding and will be created in the name of the registered owner, our team of professionals handles all the paperwork associated with the sale; all you have to do is sign and take your cash.

In 30 minutes or less you will have your cash!

Unfortunately, it is against UAE law to purchase a vehicle without its updated registration, in case you lose your registration we suggest that you make arrangements to get a replacement before visiting us.

Yes, the value is unified based on supply and demand and can increase or decrease at any time, we always recommend verifying the current price with our free valuation tool.

Be sure to check your spam folder, if you don't see our email, it may be due to a technical problem, please, allow an additional 24 hours, and if you have not yet received an email from us, please, contact us and let us know.

Both parties involved must sign a legally binding contract detailing the agreed purchase price, after signing, you will receive your payment in cash.

Do you have any other questions ?, contact us and we will solve it

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