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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to sell your used car in Dubai, you need to go to our car valuation calculator and determine the value we can provide for your car. If you agree to it, then bring your car and papers to any of our centers, and we can buy them within half an hour. We buy cars in any condition, all you need to agree to our value and have the paperwork in place.

You can head over to our online car value evaluator and enter certain details of your car such as model name and number, age, miles traveled, condition. And we will provide you with the market value of your car. You can check it with other online car value calculators, but we promise to provide you with legitimate market rates.

You can sell your used car fast with us, and we can complete the process in 30 minutes. If you can provide us with complete documents needed.

We buy cars in any condition. You can call our helpline number and mention certain details following which we can place a scrap value on your dysfunctional vehicle. This will depend on the age and the make of the vehicle.

At Car Sell Zone you can sell your used vehicle, even if you still have a mortgage running on it. We can provide simple solutions to any mortgage problem you may face on your vehicles such as fines, and you can have a hassle-free mortgage clearance while selling your car to us as well.

As mentioned on our webpage, we buy all cars, and therefore yes, we buy used vintage cars. However, it may take a bit longer to arrange a transaction since finding a buyer for vintage cars is time-consuming. But we do promise to buy your vintage car.

There is no need for any maintenance on your part before selling the vehicle to us. We purchase vehicles in any condition and buy your car from you, even if it does not run. You may take out any belongings from inside the vehicle before selling it.

Yes, this is possible. We can buy a car from you registered to a relative’s or friend’s name as long as you can provide an authorization letter from them. Identification of both parties is a must in such a transaction.

If you are not satisfied with the price that our online calculator has provided for your vehicle, then you can have it inspected by our professionals upon booking a meeting with us. We understand we can only provide certain car's real value upon first-hand inspection. We are here to aid you in your sale and provide accurate market rates as much as possible.

In case you cannot schedule an appointment online for whatever reason, you can visit one of our centers and speak to our executives. You may have to wait for a while, but we promise to tend to your concerns as soon as possible. Try to carry all details regarding your vehicle, including pictures to help us serve you faster.

There are no after-sales processes when you sell a car to us. Once the papers are signed, and you have received the money, you do not need to worry about your vehicle anymore. Even if it has a mortgage running on it, we can take care of it.

We have professionals look into any deals we make with used car sellers. The paperwork will be legally binding and will be created under the name of the registered owner of the vehicle which is being sold.

After an onsite inspection of our vehicle, we will give you our final buying price, and on acceptance, we will make an instant cash payment. You can receive a payment within 25 minutes.

No, we can not purchase a car unless we provide the registration papers for the vehicle to us. In case you have lost it, we suggest you arrange for a replacement as the soonest.

We provide the fastest and most reliable car purchasing services in the entire UAE. We have been in this business domain for quite a long time now and have always tended to customer satisfaction. At Car Sell Zone, you can carry out the entire business process within half an hour and have the payment processed. We will buy your car regardless of its condition and also provide accurate market value for it.

Yes. The valuation of a vehicle change. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes less. We suggest you check out our online valuation calculator to receive your vehicle's market price before contacting us. If you are not satisfied with the figures provided by our calculator, you can always choose to set up an appointment with us whereby we can inspect the vehicle to quote a better value.

There is a form available on our website that allows you to set up a meeting with our representatives convenient to you, at the Car Sell Zone center.

Car Sell Zone will purchase your used vehicle any day within thirty minutes. We suggest that you have the vehicle checked before and a price decided on so that you absolutely face no hassle regarding selling your vehicle to us on the last day of your stay.

There are two reasons you may not be receiving an email from us after entering all the details in the car valuation calculator. First, it may be a technical issue on our end whereby the email is not being sent. Give us time to look into it, and we will surely have it sent to you at the earliest. The other reason may be that the emails are ending up in your mailbox's junk or spam folder. If it is not there and you still have not received the email within 24 hours of using the calculator, we suggest you go ahead and book an appointment at the Car Sell Zone center.

No. Any payment for a purchased vehicle will be processed to the account of the vehicle's registered owner.

Both parties sign a legally binding contract about the amount of payment, and it is processed then, and cash payment is given to the seller.