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Legal Contract

We will process a legal contract with you once an amount is settled on, and upon signing this contract you are expected to hand over all the necessary documents regarding your vehicle along with the keys. If we discover that any documents have been withheld during this process, we have the right to withdraw our offer and reject to buy your vehicle at all. We also have this right if we notice that there any major technical issues with the vehicle.

Payment Method

We have two methods using which we can pay for the vehicle we purchased from you. We can pay you cash on the spot if you have all the necessary paperwork ready. But if the process of purchase takes more time, we can send the money to your bank account and in this case the process will take a period of two to three days. Car Sell Zone will not take any responsibility for or cannot be held accountable for any delays in processing the payment due to administrative faults of the bank.

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