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What’s The Privacy Policy For Selling Car With Car Sell Zone?

By accessing the Car Sell Zone website, you agree by default to follow our clauses concerning privacy. Our team will collect information that you input into our car evaluation calculator to get the best offer for your car. For our Car Sell Zone, team, to give you cash in such a quick turnaround, we require getting those personal details so we can best price your vehicle and allow you to cash your car. Our professional promise to help you to sell your car in 30 minutes or less time. we will not sell your private information, send any unsolicited promotions, or give your data to third parties so your car information is safe with us. Make sure you thoroughly read our policy to be clear that our car valuation process is right for you.

How Do I Know I Am Selling a Car For The Right Price In This Process?

The prices which are shown in our car evaluation calculator online, as well as in person at our Car Sell Zone Dubai, UAE location, are calculated thoroughly and fairly, based on the most up-to-date market prices. When you sell a car with Car Sell Zone, prices will vary based on a combination of factors such as condition, make, model, and more. This is the purpose of the in-depth inspection we provide in person when you allow our inspectors to determine the price we will buy your car for. When you are checking your car's worth online, our calculator is industry standard and will generate the most competitive price, but our policy also states that the final price we will offer for your car will ultimately be determined when it is analyzed and inspected in person.


What’s The Payment Method?

We have two methods using which we can pay for the vehicle we purchased from you. We can pay you cash on the spot if you have all the paperwork ready. But if the purchase process takes more time, we can send the money to your bank account, and in this case, the process will take two to three days. Car Sell Zone will not take any responsibility for or cannot be held accountable for any delays in processing the payment because of administrative faults of the bank. You will be bound by a legal contract to Car Sell Zone if you wish to sell a car to us and, in case you choose to falter to any of the above points you will be held accountable. We suggest that you read these terms and conditions carefully and follow them while selling your used car to Car Sell Zone.