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On average, every year 350,000 cars are sold in Dubai, and this means that if you plan to sell yours, you will have a substantial amount of competition, It can be even more difficult to sell a used car if you are confused about the price of your car on the current market, so, how can you make your car sale faster and for the price you want?

Don't worry, we make this experience simple and hassle-free for you.


What Does Free Online Car Valuation Really Mean?


Free of money and commitment! If you’re on the fence about selling your car, and just need an idea of how much you could potentially make by selling it, our free car valuation calculator will give you an estimate of your car’s current worth. The value does change over time though, so don’t hold on to that number for too long! In fact, selling your car with us means the entire process is free. You won’t have to pay to list your car in the classifieds or pay an inspector to look over your vehicle to ensure its quality condition. We’ll do all of that at no cost to you! We won’t charge you a penny even if you turn down our final offer and walk away with your car. We save your time and money.



How to use our online Free car valuation tool?


The first thing you should know is there is no obligation to book an appointment after you get your free car valuation.

To determine the value of your vehicle in the current market through the tool, you will need to provide information about your automobile and you will need to select each one of the details from each drop-down menu.

  1. Make of Vehicle
  2. Model
  3. Year it was bought
  4. Style
  5. Accident history
  6. Mileage
  7. Option


If the make or model of your vehicle is not included in the menus, you can let us know by phone or email, but we are sure we have covered all known car models.

Unless you are an expert within the automotive sales industry and have been following the car market for supply and demand, you may find it more than challenging to determine an accurate value estimate for your car. It’s not as simple as looking up the make and model of your car and checking what the industry's standard price may be. There are a multitude of factors to consider, such as general condition, mileage, service history, and manufacturer recalls. The color of your car, or if you’ve ever had it repainted, will also increase or decrease the value of your vehicle.

Know more about these factors

Our free online car valuation calculator uses a precise algorithm to determine your vehicle’s worth, so you aren’t getting cheated out of money. Our final offer may differ slightly from the estimate you receive online. It will be within the same price range and we will tell you exactly what is affecting the final offer. 


Turn to experts


Getting the right price is essential to have the best chance of success, it is best to turn to automotive industry experts, you should be very careful with inexperienced resellers or appraisers. A low price can be just as damaging to you as claiming the car is worth more than it really is. In the first case, you will lose money or be cheated, in the second case you won't be able to find a buyer for your car,

 Allowing a private buyer or another buying agency to estimate your vehicle’s worth is a risky game to play. Most other methods rely heavily on guessing what the current market trends are. There is no guesswork with Car Sell Zone. We are car experts, with years of international automotive industry experience. We are the preferred choice of car buyers in the UAE.


We treat everyone that walks through our door with fairness and respect, even if they choose not to sell their car to us after the inspection! We know you don’t like to haggle and neither do we. We want to give you a fair price and not try to talk you down to a price you might regret later. Feel good about selling your car by choosing to sell with car Sell Zone.


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