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Sell Your Car at Best Price in 3 Easy Steps.

Car Evaluation Dubai Sell Any Car to us

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Free online Car valuation in Dubai

If you are selling a car in Dubai finding your car valuation is most important. Car valuation in Dubai for a used car keeps fluctuating, and therefore a seller can be misguided. Knowing the actual value of your car according to the market prices can help you understand the market and the price you will get for your car and thus help you with the final negotiations and decisions.You need to use the online car value calculator provided on our website to find out your car’s valuation in the UAE, and after that you can proceed with the rest of the tasks that follow the car sale.

In the UAE, it is tough to find out the appropriate price of your car as the number of sellers pitching various offers can confuse you. Prices offered will vary from person to person. Car buyers deploy different methods to decide the price of a certain vehicle. As a car owner or may be first time seller, we do not expect you to know such inside information. If you try to learn this information yourself, it can be quite a time-taking and cumbersome process.

So, to ensure that you get the right price for the vehicle hassle free, we have placed on our website this free to use car evaluator tool that you can use to get the price for the car you are planning to sell.

How to use it?

To use online car value calculator to get your vehicle's value, you need to enter specific details about your car. First you need to enter the make of the specific car brand. The second information required by is the specific model of the car you are selling, and you will need to enter the year you purchased it. You will need to select each of the details from a drop-down menu, and in case your vehicle’s make or model is not in these menus, you can tell it to us over the phone by calling us or via email.

Once you have entered all the details, you can click on the ‘Get Valuation’ button below, and within moments the calculator will show you the best potential value your car can get. With this knowledge, you can now have a better chance of getting a profitable price for your car when you sell it to used car buyer.

Keep in mind that a used car's value is subject to change from time to time because the market is quite volatile. So, if you had used our online car value evaluator to check your vehicle's worth before, we suggest that before using it again you contact us for selling your vehicle. But that aside, the tool we have installed for you to use is of professional level, and we promise to provide you with the most accurate information regarding the price of your vehicle withholding no information.

Benefits of Using Our Online Car Value Evaluator

  • You get to know the right value for your car from the comfort of your home, and for no price at all. All you need to do is know the details of your car and provide it to us.

  • If you know the right market price for your car, you have a better chance of bargaining with the buyers about the cost. You can ensure that you don’t end up making a loss when you sell your vehicle.

  • There are many used car buyers in the UAE, and therefore multiple websites will give you various pitches. If you know the value, your car deserves, you can contact the website, giving you the best deal.

  • You don’t have to choose between the different pricing methods used for estimating second-hand vehicle price, as this calculator app will give you the best average estimate. If you wish to calculate your second-hand car's price using each method, it can be quite a task, and you can easily avoid this with our online calculator. While the online car value evaluator gives you the best possible price for your vehicle, the price that our professionals pitch after the inspection may vary because of the car's actual condition or for other reasons. The price our professionals decide on is the final offer we provide for your car, and you may choose to sell your car to us if you agree to that offer. We always promise to give you the best possible deal for your vehicle considering its age, condition, and market price. If you dislike the amount, we offer you are free to cancel the process at any point in time.

  • Frequently Asked Question :

  • Q. Why do you need to inspect the car if there is an online calculator?

    A. The online car valuation calculator is to let you calculate the rough estimate of your car based on the minimum information provided by you. But the last offer will depend on the vehicle's actual condition and complete information of your car, which we provide after physical inspection of your car.

    Q. What to do if my car model/brand is not in the calculator app?

    A. In case you cannot find your car’s model/brand in the drop-down menu of our online evaluator, you can send us an email with the required details or even call us. We will let you know the estimated market price of your vehicle.

    Q. What if I am not satisfied with the final amount being offered to me?

    A. Although here at Car Sell Zone, we strive to provide you with the best valuation for your vehicle; we understand that it may not satisfy you. In such a case, you are free to cancel the process anytime, and we will not charge you any money for the inspection process.

    Q. Is it mandatory to use the online valuation calculator?

    A. No. But we suggest that you find out your vehicle's market price since the last offer we make will depend on the condition of your car and its current market price.Still, you can have an idea of market price.

Sell Your Car at Best Price in 3 Easy Steps.

Car Evaluation Dubai Sell Any Car to us

Got a Question ? Call 04 282 5770


That’s what we assume when we evaluate your car online:

  • Car chassis is not damage.

  • No major accident.

  • Car has never been written off by agency or insurance.

  • It is not a public car.

  • Car in average condition.

  • The online valuation is just an estimation not an offer.

We do buy any car any condition no matter what, however the price may vary from the online valuation, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment for a free inspection to get your cash offer.