Best Economy Cars of 2022 and 2023 in UAE

05 April 2022

Did you know that there are over 200,000 cars sold in the UAE each year? Out of those cars, many of them are affordable, economy cars. 

If you're interested in buying some UAE economy cars, you'll need to know which one to choose. 

That's why we've put together a list of the best economy cars on the market in the UAE. Ready to jump in? Here's what to know about the best economy cars in the UAE. 

Nissan Sunny S

First up on our list is the Nissan Sunny S. This model has a starting price of 48,500 dirhams, making it a fairly affordable vehicle to purchase. 

The Nissan Sunny S comes with a CTV transmission, which many people find handy and easy to use. 

On top of that, you'll enjoy a 99 horsepower engine with a fuel displacement of 1500 cc. There's also a convenient anti-lock braking system to keep you safe on the go.

Chevrolet Spark LS

If you want to buy an American car in the UAE, then the Chevrolet Spark LS is a great vehicle to choose. This car has tons of color options and a starting price of just 37,000 dirhams. 

There are some great features in this car, such as the 94 horsepower, petrol engine, and CVT features. Plus, you'll enjoy the car's anti-lock braking system. 

Other features of the vehicle include electronic assistance gear steering and a passenger airbag. There are plenty of other warnings on the vehicle, such as side-impact beams and crash sensors, that make it an extremely safe car to drive.

Hyundai Grand I10

Hyundais are known for being low-budget cars, which is why it's made our list of some of the best 2022 economy cars in the UAE. The Hyundai Grand I10 will set you back around 41,500 dirhams, although that price may vary a bit.

In the vehicle, you'll find tons of handy features such as an anti-lock braking system, central locking system, and body-colored mirrors. You'll also get to enjoy 0-100km acceleration in just 15.4 seconds. 

The car features four cylinders and has a fuel capacity of 43 liters. 

Suzuki Celerio

One of the most affordable cars on the market in the UAE is the Suzuki Celerio. This vehicle has a starting price of just under 32,000 dirhams, making it by far the cheapest on our list. 

You won't be missing out on great features by paying a low price, either. This vehicle comes with enough seats for five members as well as a handy automatic transmission. 

It's also got a great anti-lock braking system for safety in place. 

Mirage/Mitsubishi Attrage

This vehicle's best feature is that it clocks in at a starting price of just over 36,000 dirhams. 

In your car, you'll enjoy a 76 horsepower engine with a displacement of 1193 cc. You'll also get plenty of room to take the whole family with you on the go since there are five seats in the vehicle. 

Fuel consumption is pretty good in this car, which gets about 21.1 km/liter. This might vary up or down a little bit depending on what type of fuel you use. 

Kia Rio

If you're a Kia fan, then you should definitely look into a Kia Rio. The Kia Rio is a petrol vehicle that has a starting price of just 49,900 dirhams. 

The engine features a displacement of 1591 cc and offers 101 horsepower. You can choose an automatic transmission, making it an easy car for ex-pats to drive. 

In terms of the vehicle's design, you'll find stylish interiors and exteriors. There's also enough seating for five people in this car, and it has some sturdy safety features. 

Our take on the vehicle? It's a safe, reliable, and affordable vehicle that will get you where you need to go.

Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0 

Despite the fact that the Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0 is on the higher end of the cost spectrum, it's still a fairly affordable car when you break it down. The car's cost starts at 58,000 dirhams but it has excellent resale value.

One of the features of this car is that it's a sleek, polished-looking vehicle on both the interior and the exterior. 

The vehicle features four cylinders and a front-wheel-drive system that helps get you where you need to go. You'll also enjoy an engine capacity of two liters that offers 150 horsepower. 

In addition, the car has a trunk capacity of 344 and a tank capacity of 59 liters. That'll keep you on the road for quite a while!

Speaking of quite a while, you'll be able to reach some pretty impressive speed in this vehicle. The Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0 can get up to speeds of 100 km/hr.

Chevrolet Aveo

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Chevrolet Aveo. This hardy chevy is one of the best economy cars in the UAE for a couple of different reasons.

For one thing, the car is available at a starting price of 45,960 dirhams, making it one of the more affordable vehicles on this list. That makes it a great option for those who are on a budget.

On top of that, you can find three different hatchback versions of this car or a total of six sedans. All of those feature a petrol engine that can reach up to 115 horsepower. 

What's more, the vehicle has enough seating for five people and includes an anti-lock braking system and an auto transmission system (although you're welcome to opt for a manual transition if you want).

Our favorite feature of the vehicle? It comes with Smart View so that you'll never miss a blind spot. 

Shop the Best Economy Cars in the UAE

With this guide to some of the best economy cars you can find in the UAE, you'll have no problem selecting the right vehicle. And, as you can see, there are plenty of great 2022 economy cars out there. 

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