Traffic Fines in the UAE and How you can pay without Visiting the centres


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You, along with almost everyone else who has owned a car in the UAE have at one point in life received a fine for a traffic violation whether big or small in either case you had to go and pay it in person or chose to pay it online. Going in person and paying it at the traffic department is one of the easiest ways, but now more and more people are opting to pay online due to Covid-19 restrictions and safety. So, I will try to give all the information I have based on my usage and experience. If you are reading this article, there is a very good chance you either live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. But the same will apply to the other 5 emirates as well.


Traffic Laws Violation and getting Fines 

First, I would like to state that you should not break the traffic laws or rules under any circumstances and you should be conscious of others' safety along with you and your families. But at one point in time, you may end up doing a violation and would then like to pay for the same. You can find the list of violations here in UAE traffic fines list, UAE traffic fines list.

Between the 2 emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) major fines which also come with Black points may be the toughest to deal with. Because you have to go in person in most cases to pay the fines and black points in addition to your driver’s license. And going to either Emirates is very difficult. 


Payment of Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi

If you live in the Emirates of Dubai and have a fine pending in Abu Dhabi, you can visit this site Pay Abu Dhabi Fines Online and pay your fines online and will not need to go in person because all is now online. You may also want to register Ministry of Interior Abu Dhabi. Some fines can be paid on the Ministry of the Interior site as well. Before you would have to drive to either Shahma or Muroor to do the same. You will need to create a profile within the link above and then proceed to pay the fines. For black points will be the same. If you have any issues with the registration or data entry. You can call their center on the same website and they will help you. As they did with me and were quick about it. 


Payment of Traffic Fines In Dubai

As for fines in Dubai, you can also do the same by logging on to RTA online fines, and you may also want to create a profile for Dubai police for fines related to them. UAE has yet to centralize all the traffic fines systems, but meanwhile, you can register on all sites and see which one is more thorough about your fines, including in-person fines and black points. There is another site that tries to list all your fines in one place, and I have seen people use it as well. You may also want to look for the list of fines that may not show on your emirates database. Like, for instance, I had a fine in the emirates of Ajman, which was not done by me. It’s a long story. But I could see it on this site Emirates Vehicle Gate. You can use the links on this site to pay all your traffic fines online and will not need to go in person unless you have an impound which now also can be done where you can park your car at your parking space and not have to go park it at any UAE-designated impound centers.